"We are Red Herring Innovation and Design, an agency that specializes in helping people and organizations become better known, better understood and better understand the unique value they deliver."

- Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D.


Better Known

Our clients are known for more than just what they do. They know why they exist and so do the people that choose to spend time with them.

Better Understood

Our clients understand that the people they serve is the starting point for greatness and what they communicate is just as important as what they deliver.

Unique Value

Our clients understand that unique value is grounded in being the best at what matters most. They compete on unique value not commodity.


We teach our clients how to compete on unique perspective (how they see what they do), unique education (how they know what they do) and unique experience (how they deliver what they do) and over time they tell us they are better known, better understood and recognized for the unique value they deliver.


Our approach is simple yet effective. We help our clients create a position they can own based on the unique value they deliver.Together we assess what matters most to the people they serve and how that connects to the core competencies of the organization.


A brand incorporates the core values for which an organization stands: principles that frame the organization’s philosophy and define its purpose by answering the ever-important question about why the organization exists. This encompasses the brand’s image, its desirability, its momentum and its overall importance to its target customers. We help our clients create distinct brand that are easy to communicate and understand.


Without direction from management employees search for answers to questions like “who are we?” and “what do we stand for?” The direction of management begins by answering these simple questions. We help our clients and their leadership teams create positive momentum with the people they lead.


Experiences orchestrated by an organization should provide real value to customers and deliver on the promise to the customer. Customers decide through their experiences whether a brand delivered on the promise and in today’s hyper competitive market the mantra is simple regarding experiences: be the best at what matters most. We help our clients create defined customer experiences that deliver.


Culture is the glue that holds a brand together and fosters positive customer experiences that are influenced by people who represent the organization. Consistently successful organizations have strong cultures that reflect their differentiating points of view concerning their goods and services. Ultimately, culture drives brand, management and experience. We help our clients harness the power of culture.


A promise is a pledge from an organization to each and every customer to be something that can be delivered through a product or experience that only the organization can provide. These promises should be clear and compelling, and they should clearly communicate an organization’s commitment to customers. Great organizations recognize the few great things they do, do them well, and are known for doing them.


We use a simple three step process that helps organizations perform at a high level that includes the elements of Vision, Strategy and Execution.

Vision helps answer why the organization exist and is the first step in creating their unique DNA. It’s the foundation of the brand management and experience story lines of the organization and ultimately, it connects people who drive the organization with the people they serve. We call that the Organization Voice. And we help our clients find it.
Strategy constantly asks and answers how the world is changing and how that change impacts the organization. It’s about creating a position in the market that is based on unique perspective, education, and experience. It’s about understanding competencies, customers and being the best at what matters most to them. And we help our clients create it.
Organizations that execute - win. People love to be part of these organizations. They welcome change as it presents new levels of challenge and growth. They are confident in leadership and the organization. Execution is about knowing who is going to do what and when it is going to happen. And we help our clients do it.


The Brand Book identifies a missing structure within an organization that creates a compelling position, strong point of view and proof points that employees and customers can see, feel, taste and touch.

Through a systematic and practical approach the Brand Book is the guide that brings Collective Passion to life by defining a unique position, brand platform and framework that has a consistent look and feel. This book provides a foundation for brand growth, impact and recognition.


The Focus5 approach addresses what we believe to be the core of successfully marketing any organization as they become better known, better understood and better understand the unique value you deliver.

Before a brand is created or a channel selected, these elements must be defined. These become the place of separation between you and your competitor.


The Collective Passion Model along with our three step process is what gives our clients a competitive advantage and allows them to be better known by their customers, better understood by the people they employ and the markets they serve and better understand the unique value they deliver.


Our core focus spans six areas related to an improved quality of life and a greater economic impact including: people/organizations of interest, community, education, health care, financial services, retail and home building.


We help our clients become people and organizations of interest. They understand the unique value they deliver and compete on unique perspective, education and experience.


Education is something we have invested and believe in and our clients have too. We help them succeed by building engaging platforms that create new levels of learning and removing barriers between students and success.


We do work for organization and companies in retail and commercial banking, investments and insurance. We position their products and services, build their brand and find compelling ways to connect with consumers, clients, businesses and employees.


We work with some of the industry leaders and with every project we complete we help our clients focus on what matters most: the well being of the patient.


We help our retail clients by harnessing their unique perspective and translate that in their packaging, merchandising, store design, and campaigns. We also offer training that helps the organization bring that experience to life.


We love to help home builders connect with home buyers. We recognize just how competitive the market is and help our clients find fast, easy ways to connect with new buyers. We also recognize the power in referral and help our clients make sure they stay connected as they progress through each stage of life.


We believe that the most powerful way to articulate our value is through a face to face conversation. During these conversations we can learn how our team can help you. One of the things we know about competition is that playing with the right team is absolutely critical to success. For us it is more than building the right relationships, it is about helping our clients leave their legacy.

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